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It's a kind of Magic

21 March 2017
It It’s a Kind of Magic

In August, a caring lady called Linda notified us of a stray cat that had become semi feral after living outside on a holiday park for a couple of winters. He had been left there when his owner sold up and left him behind. Linda befriended the cat and as it was nearing October and Halloween, we decided to call the stray “Magic” and include him in a promotional adoption video on our cats for Halloween. We asked Linda if she could gain his trust sufficiently and allow and entice him inside her mobile home, as previous attempts to capture him had ended in failure. We had a deadline to beat, as Linda was also due to leave her mobile holiday home by the third week in October. Luckily we were able to bring Magic in by the deadline, but unfortunately it was not quite as simple as we thought. Magic was taken straight to the vets, where after having his medical he was unfortunately diagnosed with FIV. Magic had come so far and our Co-ordinator, Delphine Wood, did not want to give up on him now. It was decided to advertise Magic as an “indoor cat”. Over the first few weeks Magic being quite a stubborn character proved quite challenging to our fosterers, but Head Fosterer, Christine Cutts was also determined not to give up on him either. Magic turned out to be the perfect name for him and as we advertised Magic with all his details, a lovely man named Edd answered our call for a new home for Magic. Magic has flourished with the love and attention lavished upon him by Edd and he is now fully “toilet trained”. He has his own smart red collar and lead and enjoys fresh air on his garden walks with Edd. Since Magic’s happy ever after adoption, Linda has remained in touch with us donating money and knitting many little blankets for the other cats that come into our care. So Magic gained a loving owner and a forever home and we gained a supporter. Magic all round!